Barclays strategist calls bitcoin ‘unsuitable’ for institutional investment

Gerald Moser, chief strategist at financial conglomerate Barclays, believes bitcoin is unsuitable for institutional investors. This was reported by Financial News.

Moser said bitcoin’s volatility would prevent pension funds and other large investors from investing in the cryptocurrency on a long-term basis.

“Investors will simply exclude cryptocurrency from their portfolios during the next optimization,” he said.

According to Moser, bitcoin’s high returns are driven by Profit Revolution retail buyer participation a bit more than institutional investments.

The strategist also stated that bitcoin is not suitable for risk diversification. The specialist cited the lack of a pronounced correlation between the cryptocurrency and any asset since 2016 as the reason.

Recall that in 2020, public companies bought more than 1 million VTCs (5.57% of the cryptocurrency’s market supply).